Thursday, April 5, 2007

These Are Four Star Foods!

Here are the four criteria for making this list:
* food is nutritious (benefits exceed deficits by wholesome margin)
* food is inexpensive (no need to trade health gain for wallet pain)
* food needs little/no prep time (no kitchen fatigue)
* food is portable (not too heavy to carry, before or after you eat it)

Here they are:
- banana
- clementine
- apple
- yogurt
- kirby cucumber
- grape tomatoes
- baby carrots
- snow peas
- yams (see earlier post)
- hard boiled egg
- applesauce (in ready cups)

Most of these items are readily available year round.
Hard boiled eggs can stay up to a week in the frig.
A small (8 oz) plastic bottle of water frozen can provide
extension of quality. (Allow room for ice expansion).
What other four star foods can you add to the list?


Jen said...

hmm, i would say oatmeal, if you have water and a microwave (so maybe not so portable), goldfish (maybe not so so healthy, but still not bad), and generic brand fruit bars (i.e. store-brand nutrigrain bars)...i'm sure i'll think of more in a few weeks, after officially being off the meal plan and having to make more food-purchasing decisions :)

Morgana said...

Great work.