Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Experts Find Yams to be a Healthy Choice

Yams show up on many tables on Thanksgiving,
and they are a good choice any day. Yams are:
Place 4-10 yams on a foil-lined, low-sided baking pan at 350 degrees.
Smaller ones will be soft in about 60 minutes, larger ones may take almost twice as long. Position and remove accordingly.
Not only are yams nutritious, they are convenient:
Baked yams freeze really well - for a month or more - in freezer bags, either individually or in groups.
In warm months, yams can be eaten as a cold snack.
In winter months, yams can be heated, even taken on an outing and used as a "handwarmer" until eaten!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Halloween Can Be More Than Candy

Everyone liked this idea!
Besides giving the traditional candy this past Halloween,

we placed used children's books in plastic bins near
the door. Both parents and children readily selected titles.
Tip: Books for readers can be in one bin and listener books
can be in another.