Monday, February 19, 2007

Choosing the Right Size Parade

Matching the scope of the activity helps!
Parents may wish to share enjoyable activities with their children,

taking pleasure in the looks of amazement on their young faces.
Parents may go to considerable effort to avail themselves of
activities on a large scale.
This effort will go largely unrealized by toddlers. They do not
have the ability to grasp distance or amount of money.
At one point, we considered driving to the big city to see the
St. Patrick's Day parade. Instead, we opted for the St. Patrick's Day
parade in a neighboring town.
Took us just 15 minutes to get there.
Parking was easy and free.
We ran into some people we know.
Didn't have to find a bathroom.
Oh, and the bagpipers were just five feet away from us as
they went by!

Monday, February 5, 2007

SketchSwap: It's All About Give and Take

What a well designed system!
In my travels in, the social bookmarking site, I came
across a site that's beautiful in its simplicity. It's called SketchSwap.
You sketch something and submit it.
In return, you get a sketch back that someone else drew.
No one gets a grade.
No one keeps score.
You give something and you get something.
Nice, huh?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Birthday Party Can Be Fun!

Tradition. Culture.
These things are sometimes referenced as though set in stone.
But it's just not so.
About 200 years ago, do you think people were hiring magicians
and fretting over whether their child's birthday party was splashy
enough? Nah. Little by little, things changed. To the point where
it's hard to find the fun in all the stress of pulling off one of those
mammoth events.
Some basic points:
. Find out what your child wants most and ask them to be flexible
about some of the lesser details.
. Even what they want most may be a reflection of fleeting
perceptions. Check in with them after a few days to see if
they still want that same content in their party.
. Take care of the basics. No matter where the party is, etc.
the birthday child and guests will tend to enjoy the party
more if their thirst is quenched and if they have enough room
to watch and participate.
A group of people have taken initiative to encourage parents to
make healthier birthday party choices. They have listed the
many reasons that birthday parties have taken on unmanageable
dimensions. No doubt you will recognize many of them. Explore
the alternatives!